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Beginnings, Middles and Ends

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Tuesday: We went back to where the entire Life is Strange began, with the heartbreaking, tragic tale of Max and Chloe. We messed with the space-time continuum quite a bit, for noble and…less noble actions. I do my best to stay a bit nice. I know, it’s a bit boring for some, but it’s just not in my nature to be intentionally cruel–even to someone who probably deserves it. Anyway, we’ve been introduced to most of the cast of characters, including at the end a face from Max’s past, Ms Chloe Price herself came to rescue us from a furious Nathan.

Thursday: Coming to the end of the case of Kazuma’s murder and, as it turns out, it might not have been a murder at all. We meet a young Russian girl running away from her fame, and deal repeatedly with the eccentricities of Herlock Sholmes and his inability to use logic to connect his observations. On the bright side, i definitely got better at the voices i was struggling with last week!

Saturday: We started by crafting a solid sasquatch costume and finally infiltrated the Bigfoot club! Apparently the Bigfoots are in danger of dying out, but they’ve got four weird totem poles that are supposed to save them somehow. After we freeze Conroy Bumpus and Lee Harvey into a giant block of biogfoot-alike ice the Bigfoot elder lets us take a crack at solving them, and solve them we do! We capture the mystery vortex that gives the Mystery Vortex its name, steal a dinosaur tooth, get ourselves a plant that looks like a celebrity and grab some hair tonic off a pillow. Altogether with some Bigfoot magic that stuff saves the bigfoots by destroying western landmarks with brand new magical trees popping up everywhere, so that the Bigfoots can hide behind them when being hunted. The circus that wanted us to find Bruno also gets duped a bit because to keep him free we give them the Lee Harvey/Bumpus ice block, which they completely believe is Bruno. And then…that’s it! We finished the game! Next week I’ll be playing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis!

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